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DIY Penguin Keychain

How to make your own plush keyring pendant

You'll need:

black, orange and white felta sewing needleblack, white (and orange) yarna pencil (to draw the pattern onto the felt)scissorsa keyringfiberfillribbon
First, print out the pattern (it's at the bottom of this page), cut the pieces out and trace them onto the felt. Cut out the felt pieces and arrange them. Then, going from detail to general, attach the parts to each other. I started by sewing the eyes and beak to the white belly / face part, then went onto loosely attaching the flippers, feet and ribbon to the black back.
After that part, I sew the white belly part to the black one and then started to sew the front and the back of the penguin together. When I was almost done with that, I stuffed the penguin with fiberfill and finished sewing it together.
It's completely up to you which technique of sewing you want to use, and you can also change the sewing pattern as much as you like. Using a similar technique as I did, my be…


I don't know why, but 2016 somehow became a year of fitness so far. I've never seen so many advertisements for gyms, so many diet plans, so many people who share their workout tips and tricks on the internet. Wherever I go, people hand out papers to get others to join gym clubs. What is wrong with this year?

I hate doing sports.
I really do. I don't even know what that should be good for. I'm already walking the way to the next bus station, the next supermarket and I'm taking the stairs. Why on earth should I spend money on going to the gym? Yeah, right, my health. We only have one body, and the better our body is, the longer we live. Skinnier people aparently have better chances in everything, are prettier and whatever. I feel like everyone around me just wants to have the perfect body, even though there's no such thing as perfect.

Shouldn't we just be happy the way we are?
It's a question of confidence, but also a question of happiness. I don't see wh…


I feel old.
 Yes, I actually do, and I'm not even 20 yet. Do you know that feeling when you hear a song you remember from your childhood and you instantly feel old just because you know it's been published in the early 2000s or late 1990? I definitely do. Whether it'd be "All the things she said" by t.A.T.u. or "Tubthumping" by Chumbawamba (which, by the way, is as exactly as old as I am) - lately I'm confronted by a lot of things that make me feel old. Looking at pokémon of the first generation. Sorting out my old things I used to have when I was a kid. ... ugh.

 I never thought I'd be that type of person who feels nostalgic a lot. "You live now, and that is what you care about" and "The future is tomorrow" suddenly aren't much of a thing anymore. I just miss certain things. People I used to hang out with years ago. Free time I could spend with fun things instead of needing it for a nap. Good old times.

Sometimes I think we…