DIY Penguin Keychain

How to make your own plush keyring pendant

You'll need:

  • black, orange and white felt
  • a sewing needle
  • black, white (and orange) yarn
  • a pencil (to draw the pattern onto the felt)
  • scissors
  • a keyring
  • fiberfill
  • ribbon

First, print out the pattern (it's at the bottom of this page), cut the pieces out and trace them onto the felt. Cut out the felt pieces and arrange them. Then, going from detail to general, attach the parts to each other. I started by sewing the eyes and beak to the white belly / face part, then went onto loosely attaching the flippers, feet and ribbon to the black back.

After that part, I sew the white belly part to the black one and then started to sew the front and the back of the penguin together. When I was almost done with that, I stuffed the penguin with fiberfill and finished sewing it together.

It's completely up to you which technique of sewing you want to use, and you can also change the sewing pattern as much as you like. Using a similar technique as I did, my best friend once made me an owl, which you can see at the end of my video tutorial.

I needed about an hour to make this one, basically because I had to work around my camera setup which is quite annoying at times. If you're good you can probably do this in half an hour, or even less if you use a sewing machine.

If you decided to make your own penguin keychain, please share photos of it with me on any social media you'd like, tagging me or using the hashtag #KatsDIY

Here's the pattern:

PS: I made this pattern on my own (it's not very hard though), but if you wish to publish it somewhere on your accounts, please give credit to me and don't just steal my work. ^~^