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Kat vs stage fright

Today was - yet again - one of these "big days". We've given a concert, yaay. Since I've been on stage since I was roundabout seven years old it's not been that special today, especially since it was only one song, but I thought I'd share my experiences and my tricks to fight stage fright with you.

When it comes to performing on stage, we probably all feel a little nervous. Also when we're supposed to give a presentation or have our oral exams. I've never been a massive fan of any of these, and I still have problems speaking out in front of larger groups when I have a bad day. But if I'm prepared well enough, I manage it.
Being prepared well enough is actually the core. It's never easy to perform any kind of anything in front of other people, but if you know what you're doing, it makes it a lot easier. Practising what you have to present might sometimes seem like it's a waste of time, but you'll be more relaxed when you know your wor…

Kat vs internet friends

I think we all know this situation - you sign up on a social media platform and someone messages you. That person seems nice and you start chatting with them. Over time, you two eventually become friends. What a nice little story.
I've met a lot of people on the internet. Really a lot. I've had my times where I've been on Twitter nonstop, not caring about the offline world at all. I didn't really have offline friends living close to me anyway, so I spent most of my time online where I met nice people I considered to be my friends. But after some time interests changed, I got together with my boyfriend and I basically left most of my internet friends behind. For almost two years.
The reason for me now thinking about this topic again basically is that some of those people messaged me again lately. The very few that I can consider to be my real friends, even though I never met some of them in person.
A few years back, I was in contact with a lot of weird people. Some of them …