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DIY notebook cover

You got a couple of notebooks but you don't like their cover? Try out this DIY to make them look pretty and unique!

You'll need:

a notebookwhite printing paperwhite acrylic paintpaint brushesscrapbook paper in different patternsschool glue or double-sided tapescissorswashi tapea heavy book (if you use school glue instead of double-sided tape)

Start off by preparing your notebook - if the cover already has a colour that matches your scrapbook paper, you can leave it like that, otherwise paint your whole notebook with white acrylic paint or cover it entirely in white paper to create a nice and even base colour. Let it dry entirely if you used paint or glued the paper on with school glue. Also, whenever you glue something onto your notebook using school glue, it's best to let it dry while it's laying under a heavy book so that the cover won't roll up.
If you don't have scrapbook paper and print out your designs, always make sure that you give your notebook an even bas…

How to study efficiently

This is the beginning of the back to school season on this blog. Stay tuned for more school related blog posts in the following weeks!

Most people probably know this situation: You're sitting somewhere, trying to study, but all you do is checking your twitter, tumblr or instagram. So here are my golden rules to successfully writing good exams.

#1 - Pay attention in classes! No matter how much fun it is chatting with your friends, try to pay attention to what your teacher says. Most of the time they actually try to explain the things to you that you'll have to know in the exams. If you understand what your teacher is telling you, you'll have to study way less for the exam at home since you already understood what to do in class.

#2 - Do your homework. Homework is not only torture, it also makes you practice the things that you'll have to do in exams. And if you already solved a similar assignment it'll be way easier to solve the exam assignment as well.

#3 - Don't s…

birthday surprise for my boyfriend

Hello lovely people of the internet!
This post exists because I have to say a couple of things about a video over on my youtube channel which didn't really fit into the making-of-post (which you can read here if you'd like).
So go and enjoy the video!

I know, timing isn't perfect and I think you need to stop the video at times to really read what it's saying, but Windows Movie Maker was glitching a bit.. Apologies. Also, it cut off the end of the song for some reason - I still don’t know why. However, this is my first attempt of working with WMM, and I think it worked out better than it possibly could have.
Since it's not always easy to read what I wrote (excuse the low resolution of my camera and my sloppy hand-writing), I'll just put all the 101 things here again:
I love... #1 ...your smile #2 ...your kisses #3 ...your touch #4 ...your ability to always make me feel better #5 caring you are #6 ...your scent #7 ...that we can talk about everything #8 you'r…

Making Of: Birthday Surprise For My Boyfriend

First of all - a massive THANK YOU for more than 100,000 views, over 450 thumbs up and more than 140 subscribers! You people are awesome!
Birthday Surprise For My Boyfriend - How to create a video
Since there seems to be quite an interest in how I made the video and what items I used to get this result, here's some sort of tutorial if you wanted to make the exact same thing. I hope you enjoy it. If anything's missing, tell me in the comments below and I'll add any additional information that is requested.
If you don't know what video I'm talking about, this is it: 

(or click here to watch it on YouTube)

If you want to make the exact same thing as I did, you'll need:
a sketch block (you can buy the one I used here)a black sharpie or felt pen (I used a felt pen by herlitz and a black stabilo point 88 fine 0.4 but it really doesn't make much of a difference which ones you use)a lot of glittery decoration like stars, coloured glitter or those little plastic diamond t…