I don't know why, but 2016 somehow became a year of fitness so far. I've never seen so many advertisements for gyms, so many diet plans, so many people who share their workout tips and tricks on the internet. Wherever I go, people hand out papers to get others to join gym clubs. What is wrong with this year?

I hate doing sports.
I really do. I don't even know what that should be good for. I'm already walking the way to the next bus station, the next supermarket and I'm taking the stairs. Why on earth should I spend money on going to the gym? Yeah, right, my health. We only have one body, and the better our body is, the longer we live. Skinnier people aparently have better chances in everything, are prettier and whatever. I feel like everyone around me just wants to have the perfect body, even though there's no such thing as perfect.

Shouldn't we just be happy the way we are?
It's a question of confidence, but also a question of happiness. I don't see why I should be unhappy and work years for a body that looks like it could be on any weird magazine I don't read anyways? Yes, my body doesn't look like those they show off on all those instagram fitness pages, but it's my body and I like it the way it is. Not all of it, but I'm glad I got this one - it could've gotten much worse.

For now I don't see the point in joining all those fitness fanatics out there. But hey, if they like it, they should continue doing it. I'll continue focussing on e-sports, that's my kind of moving. Moving my fingers and sometimes my butt into the kitchen, but hey, at least I'm moving. And I'm improving my concentration, my hand coordination and the amount of objects I can focus on at one time. And I'm sure concentration burns calories as well. And while both hands are busy with the keyboard and mouse, I cannot even eat crisps or anything, so I'm not consuming too much unhealthy food, as many people think gamers would do. WE DON'T HAVE THAT MANY HANDS, OKAY? Okay.

I don't know why doing sports has become such a massive trend this year, and I believe loosing weight has never been as popular as it is now, but I don't see the point in that. Fitness is good, but I don't want to have a ton of pieces of papers with ads for the local gym on them. That's just an unnecessary killing of trees. And no, I also don't want your nasty spam emails that I receive occasionally, gyms all over the country.

Some gym people just don't want to accept that there are also people who don't like going to the gym. Like those people who give you those pieces of paper the gym hands out as well in class. "Try it out, it's fun!" - so sweating and being out of breath and having muscle pain the next day is fun for you? Yeah great. Or those people who annoy everyone with their super healthy diet they now follow? I don't want to eat a ton of eggs and a lot of green things? I want to eat what tastes fine to me?

People are weird. Especially when they want to convince you of their oppinion by all means. And this fitness boom this year is weird as well. Extremely weird...