you are not alone

There are certain topics media doesn’t - and probably never will - address properly. Depression, anxiety, suicide. Mental illnesses in general are things nobody wants to see, even though they so clearly are among us. Society prefers to oversee things that couldn’t be unseen and continues to ignore issues that cost so much more than money. What we need are more people who openly discuss those topics, people who speak up against taboos.

With Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington we had such a person. Someone who suffered, and someone who openly addressed what he was battling - in interviews, in songs.
For many of us, Linkin Park was a part of our youth. We grew up with those songs that caught our interest, not only because of their melody, but also, perhaps mainly, due to their messages. Listen closely, and you’ll understand.

With Chester Bennington, we didn’t only lose an incredibly talented musician and artist, but so much more. My condolences go out to his family and friends - may he rest in peace.

However, this shouldn’t only be about one of the few people who tried to make society see what everyone tried to oversee. This is also about all of those out there who battle the same problems, who fight depression, who looked suicide in the eye.
Mental illnesses are among us, and there’s no good in trying to oversee them. This goes out to all of those who feel alone, misunderstood, depressed. I am here to tell you - you are not alone.

The problem with mental illnesses is that nobody really sees them, and that they can be confused with emotions so easily for those who aren’t affected. All those people out there who try to tell us “no, you’re not depressed, you’re just lazy”, all those people who say “it’ll get better, just do something to distract you” - all those people who simply don’t understand.

Depression isn’t a phase, and it isn’t being lazy and sad. Depression has many different faces, and one of them, perhaps the most prominent one, is that you don’t feel like feeling good. You give up on yourself, you just give up on wanting to feel better. Depression isn’t necessarily feeling sad, it’s feeling empty, helpless and alone, and it’s definitely not a phase - if it’s continuously ignored, at one point, suicide is the only option for many. It starts with self harming - because that’s something that actually creates a feeling within all the emptiness - and at one point, it goes too far.

If you feel like you’re alone with your mental illness, let me assure you - you are not. You are not alone, and you’ll never be. You’re valuable, you’re beautiful. You’re an amazing human being, and you will never be alone.
I’ve been there. I was diagnosed with depression in 2014, and I’ve felt alone, empty and lost. When one of my closest friends died and his sister decided to blame it on me, I didn’t see any other option - I wanted to leave. Forever. But I’m still here. Because I wasn’t alone, I’ve never been.

I found support, I found people who talked to me, people who tried to give my life a purpose. I kept going, and I am sure you can keep going as well. You might not believe in yourself, but I do, and if you ever need someone to talk to, at least I’m here. You might not even know me, but if you want to talk, I’ll be there. Always.