Plan with me - July 2017

Hello beautiful people of the internet, and hello July!

June has been an incredibly busy month for me - I had my last final on the 28th, and I passed! Also, we had a giant heat wave going on, and that really isn't the best combination for a busy month, but we made it, and now we're finally onto the beautiful month of July!

If you've seen the post about my songs of the month of June, the theme for July won't come as a surprise to you, but yes - it's penguins.
I fell in love with the penguins back in 2005 when I saw the first Madagascar movie in the cinema, but I never really decided to be active in the fandom online, mostly due to my incredibly slow internet at the time. In 2011, I ran into Rica, who soon became one of my best friends and encouraged me to look into fanfiction and fanart. She was the biggest Fanguin I ever met - you should have seen her room. Everything was Madagascar, and she couldn't stop talking about it. We watched most of the TV show together, and she begged me to write a fanfiction about our most favourite flightless birds, which I did in summer 2013. I started to write more over time, and I also met other awesome fans on the page I uploaded to.
Over time, the fandom kind of dried up and I started other projects. I saw the penguins movie in the cinema as well, wrote a One-Shot about it, but that was about it.

It was only in June 2017 that I rediscovered the series. I ran into it on amazon prime, more or less accidentially, and decided to watch one or another episode. Let's just say - I watched all of them, even though I already knew them all, and yes, I do own all of the DVDs as well. I was hooked again.
Together with a friend I started writing fanfiction again - if you're interested, you can check out the fanfiction section of this blog, I might occasionally mention that project. So yes, I decided to have the Penguins Of Madagascar as the theme for my spread for July.

On the title page, we're having Private and Kowalski. My favourites are actually Kowalski and Skipper, but Private is just too cute and cuddly to not be on the front page (as we all know because we watched "The Penguin Stays in the Picture"). It's been quite a while since I drew the penguins, so they're not perfect in any way, but this is a bullet journal and not a sketchbook, and they make me happy anyways.

So for my month at a glance page, I decided to go with Julien. Ringtail isn't exactly my favourite character from the show, but he's lovely in his own ways. For filler objects, I went with fruit. And yes, I know that there isn't a mango - I might however add one in the next couple of days. The spread itself hasn't changed too much though. It's still a very simple box calendar setup with a tiny overview for the next month and a place for to-do's and things I have to get done until the end of the month.
As for events, I'm getting my alevels diploma on July 7, having prom the day after and a concert the day before. Even though I love being on stage, it's going to be a rather stressfull couple of days.

Next up are my trackers. Compared to last month, this spread has changed the most. I decided to switch to a self care tracker and I'm now also tracking my mood.
My blog tracker has also changed its appearance. I schedule most of my posts, but I keep the tracker anyways because it gives me a more detailed overview on what I have to work on to maintain my upload schedule.

Next up is my habit tracker. This one is the exact same as last month, so I'm not going to go into detail here.

The last spread I have before going into my dailies is my expenses tracker and my memories and gratitudes log.
As for the expenses tracker, I simply made a grid which allows me to see how much money I spent on which day and also, how many days I went without spending anything.
The memories and gratitudes page is a place for me to doodle or note down all of the things that made me happy throughout the day. I don't use it every single day, but it's a fun thing to do in the evenings, so I'm keeping it.
And last but not least, we're having my dailies. I don't use a weekly spread - as you can see, I sometimes have busy days on which I have to note down a lot, whereas I only have one to two things to do on other days, so I'm not planning that much ahead since I simply never know how much space I'm going to need.

So as always - if you want to see me create this spread, you can watch the video on my YouTube channel where I will upload one or another thing every now and then.
So thanks for reading, stay cute and cuddly, and perhaps I'll see you around some time in the future!