my locker essentials

It’s happened to all of us - we rush to school in the morning and notice we’ve forgotten something very important. Who’s there to save us? Our locker, filled with goodies we couldn’t survive without.
Well, it might not be that critical, but a locker is something that does make your life at school a lot easier. It’s always there for you, and you can use it to store so much more than just your books and PE kit. Over the years I’ve accumulated a lot of stuff in my locker, and I noticed that, while I don’t need every single item I hoarded in there, some are definitely things I wish I had in there way earlier already.

So here they are - my locker essentials! You might find yourself thinking that you personally don’t need them, but I got my good use out of all of them, and perhaps you’ll find one or another thing on that list you’d like to put in your very own locker - who knows?

The bare minimals of a pencil case
Nobody wants to buy an entire second pencil case, but I started having a very small, spare pencil case in my locker. The case itself is an old one I didn’t use anymore, so I didn’t mind having it in my locker instead of carrying it around. Inside, I have some pen cartridges (I usually use an ink pen to write, and I always forget having extra cartridges around), a (sharpened) pencil, an eraser, a geometry set square (I believe they’re called triangle rulers in the US), a ballpoint pen and some old highlighters I don’t particularly like - but they do the job. Why so much though? Easy - just imagine you forgot your pencil case on the day you’re taking a maths exam on, you’ll be happy to have everything you need in your locker.

An extra notepad
I only use squared paper at school, so I just have a notepad full of it in my locker, at all times - for the rare occasion of running out of paper, or for the days on which I forgot my regular notepad that I usually carry around.

An extra set of clothing
This may sound useless, but I actually needed it more than once. I usually have a pair of leggings and a t-shirt in my locker - we thankfully don’t have a school uniform, and I can wear that kind of clothing for PE as well. So whenever someone spilled something on me, or whenever I forgot my PE kit at home, I had something to get changed into.
This was especially useful when one of the younger kids managed to have yoghurt explode next to me on the day I had to take a computer science exam on. Believe you me - I was very glad not to have to take an exam in wet clothing, smelling like strawberry yoghurt.

Hair ties
If you have short hair, this one doesn’t make any sense to you, but it saved my day more than once. At my school, we have to have our hair out of the face for PE classes, and it was more than once that I or a classmate forgot to bring a hair tie. They’re also pretty handy when your hair just gets in the way - especially when having to write texts or in chemistry classes.

Bottled water and a snack
We can buy snacks and drinks at our school, but I don’t always feel like spending money on food, especially when I just forgot to bring some. I always have a bottle of water in my locker (I recommend the 0.5l ones you can get e.g. at Tesco), and usually also a pack of cookies or any other dry snack that can be stored unrefrigerated over a longer period of time. Saved my day more than once, I promise.

I’ve walked out of the house without my headphones way too often, and the bus ride to school was always horrible without headphones. At one point of time I just put a spare, cheap pair of headphones into my locker - to at least make the trip home less horrible on such days.

Lady things
Whether to save your day or a friend’s, just have them there. One day you’ll thank yourself for it - especially when you forgot to stock up on what you have in your bag.

So that’s essentially what I have in my locker. I do need one or another thing more often than I’d like to admit, but it’s always better to plan in advance.
However, all of that doesn’t help if you’ve forgotten your homework, so here’s a bonus tip for you:

Take a photo of your homework or write it on a computer. I have almost all of the homework I ever had to do on Google Drive, iCloud or in the photos app on my phone, so whenever I forgot whatever I was working on the previous evening at home, I could just tell my teacher I had it on my phone - and yes, not having done your homework does influence your grades in a negative way, so if you’re forgetful, this might be a thing you might want to include into your evening routine.

So what do you have in your locker? Feel free to share your essentials in the comment section down below!