songs of the month - June 2017

It’s hot, it’s summer - it’s time for party! Well, I’m not really a party type of person, unless we’re talking LAN parties, but anyways. I thought I’d share with you my top something songs of the month. Some of them might even match for a party playlist, but that’s for you to judge. Let me know what kind of music you enjoy listening to - and without further ado, let’s get straight into my list. Why does this sound so much as if I was writing a script for a blog. Just to let you know - I’m not.
Also, this is not in any particular order. All of the songs are available on either youtube or spotify, sometimes both.

1 - Absolutely Smitten (Intertwined - EP) - dodie
I’ve been listening a lot to dodie this month, and she’s just one of my favourite artists. Dodie yellow is also roundabout my favourite colour, but that’s just on a side note.
I really do enjoy the percussion in this song, as well as the melody. It’s just overall one of my favourite songs. It makes me smile, it makes me feel good, I love it.

2 - Would you be so kind? - dodie
I know this song by heart, and I fell in love the day it was uploaded already. It kind of got lost in my playlist over time, and I only recently rediscovered it. My favourite version is the live one, but I do enjoy all of them massively. It’s just a beautiful song, even though I don’t really relate to it.

3 - Trees (Vessel) - Twenty One Pilots
This is a massive throwback to 2013, and I’ve been living in a massive throwback to 2013 this month. I’ve rediscovered many of my old playlists, I’ve found my love for my old fandoms once again, and this is just one of the songs that remind me of the not so good parts of 2013. It was one of the favourite songs of a friend of mine who sadly isn’t with us anymore, and I was listening to it on repeat after he passed away in autumn 2013.
Trees is one of the songs that will always mean a lot to me, and even though it reminds me of a time filled with pain and tears, it also makes me remember the good times I had that year, including (but not limited to) my first ever performance in a musical.

4 - Galway Girl (÷ (Deluxe)) - Ed Sheeran
I do realise that I’m very late to the party, but it was only this month that I got into the music by Ed Sheeran. Before this, I only knew the name because of the Hobbit (I see fire). Funny story - I was suggested this song because I posted some photos of Galway somewhere. Galway is a beautiful city. And this song just makes me happy.

5 - Six Shooter (Six Shooter) - Coyote Kisses
The first time I heared this song was when it was used as the background music of a youtube video, and I instantly fell in love. I now have it in my gaming playlist, and quite a lot on repeat as well, especially while playing Overwatch.

6 - Lights Out (Lights Out) - Royal Blood
This song kind of reminds me of the style of music I was listening to back in 2011 when I started writing bigger projects for the first time, and as I got back into writing this month, it was a perfect match when I ran into it on spotify. I know that this is not to everybody’s taste, but I enjoy it a lot.

7 - One More Light - Linkin Park
Yes, I’m talking about the entire album here. I fell in love with it in May already, I listened to it nonstop the night it was released, and I can sing most of the songs along.
I’ve been a fan of Linkin Park since about 2010, and my favourite album will probably always be Minutes To Midnight, but as much as I love their old sound, I also enjoy the new stuff. It’s different, and I do go back to their old songs quite often, but I also love this album.
My favourite song of this album is Sharp Edges, but I also love Talking to Myself, Halfway Right, Nobody Can Save me, Sorry for Now, One More Light and Battle Symphony. Did I just name most of them? Well, I guess I’m just a teeny tiny bit obsessed.
My favourite Linkin Park song will however always remain Hands Held High (Minutes To Midnight). It means the world to me.

8 - Holes (Black Mud EP) - Layla
I can’t really tell what I love so much about this song, but I just love it. The sound of the piano, her voice - it’s just truly beautiful. I love the lyrics, the overall sound - it’s just perfect.

9 - Beat The Devil’s Tattoo (Beat The Devil’s Tattoo) - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
This also isn’t a new addition to my playlist, but rather an old love I rediscovered this month. A friend made me listen to it in 2011, and it always reminds me of us two sitting by the railway, eating marshmallows and complaining about life, her smoking and me eating sweets she brought from Poland. Ah, the beautiful teenage years.

10 - Savannah (Forget And Not Slow Down) - Relient K
Even though I only ran across this song in 2014, it always reminds me of summer 2009, when I was on a trip through the east and south of Europe with my best friend and her parents. The endless hours on highways, the wind in my hair, the view over mountains and oceans - it was amazing, and this song just always gives me travel vibes.

11 - Lies (Distance EP) - Emma Blackery
Hello 2013 again. What is it with me being so 2013 this month? Anyways. I never really could relate to the lyrics of Lies, but I still love the song. It’s one of my favourites - I love the sound, I love her voice - Emma is just great. I also love her new songs, but again, I was very 2013 this month.

This last section here is reserved for my obsessions I have with songs belonging to one of my favourite fandoms of all time. All of these remind me of amazing people, awesome conversations, many hours of fanfiction I wrote, read or beta’d - all of these make me smile a lot.

12 - Party! Party! Party! (Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa) - Hans Zimmer
I still don’t understand why the internet is trying to tell me that this is instrumental. I’d love to know the lyrics to this, but I can’t find them anywhere. Internet, you’ve disappointed me.
Apart from that, I just love this song. I hum it all the time, I have it on repeat when I’m cooking and I dance around the kitchen listening to it. It makes me happy, okay?

13 - The Travelling Song (Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa) -
I actually prefer Alex On The Spot over this, but it’s still on here - because Alex On The Spot doesn’t have the “I’m a fish out of water, lion out of the jungle”-line. I love the lyrics to this, and the song overall, even though I like the instrumentals of Alex On The Spot a tad better.

14 - Alex On The Spot (Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa) - Hans Zimmer
I was part of a music project in 2013 where we performed this with a choire. As much as I would’ve loved to sing, I was put into the orchestra because they needed an experienced violinist, which unfortunately ended up to be me, but it was still a very fun project, and I got to sing in another song, so that’s a thing. 2013 had its good sides as well.

15 - Celebrate (From the Original Motion Picture “Penguins of Madagascar”) - Pitbull

I still like the series way better than the movie, but come on - if it has penguins in it, it’s on a whole new level of awesome already! So if you don’t mind me, I’ll just be over here, celebrating.