How to become a morning person

On your road to being more productive it might have come to your mind that being a morning person does have quite some positive impact on your studying routine. Not only do you not spend almost the entire weekend sleeping but also are you more awake and alert during the first lessons of your school day. So let’s become morning people, shall we?

The key to waking up early is a consistent sleep cycle. Going to bed early each and every day will create a habit out of waking up early as well. Falling asleep can be quite difficult at times, but keeping your sleep cycle as consistent as possible is important.

If you have difficulties falling asleep earlier than usual, try creating an evening routine that makes it easier for you to get into a more sleepy mood. Banning all electronics from your bed and having hot chocolate or a soothing bath in the evening time are just some of the many things that you might want to include. However, keep in mind that you should definitely stretch out that sleep cycle over the weekends as well. I can only repeat myself here - consistency is key.
I try to get around 7 hours of sleep each and every night as that works best for me - this can be different from person to person, however, a minimum of 6 hours of sleep each night is said to be a healthy amount of sleep. Personally I also like to use essential oils to calm down and relax in the evening (even though they don’t actually do anything, I just like the scent of roses and vanilla, shush!).
Also, don’t forget to set an alarm! I mostly wake up before my alarm goes off since I’m so used to my sleep cycle, but I like to set an alarm anyways. To be precise, I actually set multiple alarms, spaced a couple of minutes apart with different ringtones. The first ones mimic natural noises like ocean waves, birds or the sound of branches breaking as you hike through a forest, and the last one usually is some happy-go-lucky song that motivates me to get out of bed and start the day in a good mood. I also trained myself to not hit that snooze button - believe me, that works wonders.

A good way to motivate yourself to wake up early is to reward yourself. Spent some of your newly gained morning time on a quality breakfast, or enjoy the extra hour you have in the bathroom without anyone knocking on the door. Whatever floats your boat.

If you find it hard to stay awake in the mornings even though you’ve had enough sleep, try having some water as it’ll boost your metabolism right after you wake up. I also like to have my blinds up during the night so that I can wake up with the sunrise. During summertime, I like having my breakfast outside on the balcony on weekends - if it’s still early enough I don’t have to listen to my neighbours debating the latest fake news, which always is a plus. Try creating a morning routine that makes you enjoy your morning before you head into your time for being productive.

If you’d like to see my morning and evening routines, make sure to check back in in a couple of weeks - they’re already scheduled for you to read!

Good evening and morning routines that work for you paired with a consistent sleep cycle really are the key to becoming a morning person. I managed to turn from a complete night owl into a morning person in about two months, and I seriously am way more productive than I was before. Becoming a morning person has totally upped my productivity game and I’m sure it also boosted my grades quite a bit.

So good luck with your mornings and stay productive!