Plan with me - June 2017

I’ve been into bullet journaling since the beginning of this year, and I must say - it’s really great. It definitely made me more productive and helped me get most of my work done in time. So I thought I’d share my spread for june with you guys. If you’d like to see me creating the spread, head over to my YouTube-channel!

If you'd like to see me creating more bullet journal videos, do let me know! I'd love to share some more spreads if you're interested in seeing them!

So let's look at my setup for june!

I like starting the month with a nice title page that makes me look forward to the days to come. The theme I chose for june’s title page is rather tropical and summery, but I thought it’d match quite nicely since it’s very hot outside right now. However, I didn’t go for a tropical palm tree theme throughout the entire spread - it switched to greenery and leafy vines paired with some succulents and cacti, but you'll see that later on.

Matching the summery theme, I decided to put a quote beneath my title drawing. This one is by Walt Whitman and it's something I try to live by - I try to only see the good in life and leave the bad behind. That it doesn't always work is another story, but a little bit of positivity and sunshine is never a bad idea.

Next up is my month at a glance or monthly overview. I like using a box calendar format since I don't feel like a list format gives me enough space to note down every single event that I might have. I also included a little To Do section for all the tasks that have to be done at the end of the month and a little overview for the next month with some space next to it where I can note down my appointments for the following month. I added some cacti as well as two jars with flowers and greenery and fireflies for extra decoration. I like doodling a lot in my journal - I just think it adds a little something to every page.

Let's move on to my memories and gratitude page which has replaced my classic gratitude log that I used to use. I just never really kept up with it and tried to fill out the gaps by just remembering the days I missed, but that isn't really what the gratitude log was supposed to be. I changed it for memories and gratitudes, which essentially is something like the "month of happiness" - it'll be a collection of doodles of things that I want to remember or that I'm grateful for. It's a more creative way to tackle the gratitude log and I believe it suits me much better than the plain old list I used to make.

Next up is my habit tracker. I track some health related things - like going outside, working out and drinking enough water - some recreational stuff - like reading, sketching and getting enough sleep - some hygene and body care related things - like showering, flossing, brushing my teeth, nailcare, face / skincare and if I had some sort of a pamper day - and some household stuff - like making my bed, cleaning for 15 minutes, vacuuming and doing the laundry and the dishes as well as watering the plants I did not yet manage to kill. Most of these things I don't actually have to track (I don't really forget about them), but I've had them in my tracker since I started journalling, so they stayed. I got rid of my social media tracker since I schedule most of my activity (such as the major amount of my blog posts), so that's something new this month.

Another new thing is the expenses tracker - or rather, it's layout. I decided to list all days of the month this time to see how many days I actually manage to go without spending anything, and I also added some space for savings. I don't have to pay for many things so my expense trackers are always rather simple, but I thought it'd be about time to switch things up a bit.

The last page of my monthly setup is dedicated to my blog post overview which I use to keep track of all the uploads I make on here and my water and sleep tracker. I like noting down how much sleep I get and how much I drank each and every day - just to feel bad about not changing the fact that I have a very messed up sleeping schedule and drink way too little.

Now we're onto my daily spreads. I don't use weekly spreads since sometimes I have very busy days on which I'll need almost an entire page to note down all my to do's whereas on other days I might only have one task to write down. Weekly spreads didn't really make sense for me, so I just went with a format that suited my needs better - I just go day by day until the month is over, and everything that is sort of a weekly task gets moved into my monthly overview. It's easier to handle things this way, at least to me.

So that's my bullet journal spread for june. If you liked it, please leave a comment down below to let me know! Also, you can tag me in your very own bullet journal posts so that I can see them as well!

Have a beautiful month of june and a great summer!